About Our Alpacas

The alpacas of Morgan’s Fortunato Farm are quality huacayas. The focus is on white animals because of their strong potential to produce the desirable fleece characteristics for which we breed; and because of the versatility of their fiber. White fiber can, of course, be used in its natural state or it can be dyed any color you wish. We carefully select bloodlines that perpetuate the genetic qualities we seek, for the consistent advancement of the herd. Our interest in Accoyos stems from the understanding and deep respect we have of the meticulous breeding program from which they emerged. The Estancia Accoyo ranch in Peru was so diligently and methodically managed over decades of time by Don Julio Barreda. Our interest in the Alianza genetics stems from the focus on fineness which was a strong objective of the farms of the Rural Alianza co-op in Peru and is a tremendous priority of Morgan’s Fortunato Farm. Our prudent combination of lineage from Accoyo and Alianza together, holds the promise of creating unsurpassed champion alpacas for our farm and for yours.

finer fleece,
the fruit of good breeding