If hands on ownership is not for you or if your facility is not set up for farming, Morgan’s Fortunato Farm will take individual care of your alpacas for you, for a boarding fee of $4 per day. The environment of the farm is biosecure, safe and clean. All alpacas in our care are provided with spacious, dry shelter which is kept cool in summer and warm in winter. The alpacas are given an endless water supply that is filtered and purified through a multi-step filtration system, before it reaches them. They are given high quality, orchard grass hay and abundant pastures, which are planted and maintained on a continuous basis. Water, hay and pastures have all been tested and pastures are clean. Routine vaccinations and nail trimming are included in the boarding fee. We constantly interact with the alpacas and closely supervise them. Their health, safety and comfort are paramount to Fortunato Farm.